Conference Timetable

10:30-11:30am Welcome & Introduction from the NACFB’s Managing Director, Norman Chambers

Presentation from Chris Hills, Chief Investment Officer at Investec, on ‘All things Brexit’.

Many economists have been wrong-footed by the resilient performance of the UK economy since the referendum decision last summer. Now that Article 50 has been served, will those fears of Q3 2016 prove correct after all? Investec, a FTSE 250 bank and leading provider of lending to the asset finance industry, assesses the prospects for UK growth, inflation and interest rates over the next two years.

NACFB Panel update on ‘All things NACFB’

Paul Goodman – NACFB Chairman’s Address

Norman Chambers – State of the Nation

Ralph Black & Roger Deane – Professional Standards

Adrian Coles – Our Journey so far – Roadmap Update

David Newborough – Annual Financial Review


11:40-12:15pm - Session 1: The Changing Face of Buy-to-Let

We will be looking at how tax changes over the past eighteen months have affected landlords and how those changes have reshaped the landscape. How much of an effect have the changes really had…and where do we go from here? Questions we will cover include: What can be done to manage the changes in tax? Do you think the recent changes to the Buy to Let policy mean that rent prices are going to increase even further? Are private landlords going to be forced out to be replaced by agencies? What does this mean for renters? How will this affect those who have bought a second property as a pension replacement? Is this the end of the buy-to-let middle class dream?


David Whittaker – Mortgages for Business

Karen Bennett – Shawbrook Bank

Marc Goldberg – Together

Adrian Moloney – One Savings Bank

James Bloom – Masthaven

Lucy Hodge – Vantage Finance


1:30-2:05pm – Session 2: Panel debate: What’s so special about specialist lending?

With alternative lenders often being set up and led by experienced managers from high street banks, the flow of ideas is beginning to work both ways, with big established names showing clear signs of being influenced by their supposedly more flexible smaller rivals. So, can clients now get the same products and the same treatments from the non-specialists? We will hear several different views. Questions we will cover include:

Will specialist lenders be around in the next 5 years or will they morph into a more traditional style of Lender?

Will specialist Lenders fund SMEs across the whole of the UK, or will they pick & choose their market?

Is the bubble about to burst for peer-to-peer funding?

Do specialist lenders have the best technology? Do high street banks have the best visibility?


Andy Bishop – Lloyds Bank

Wesley Harfield – Investec

Dave Furnival – NatWest Bank


Tom Shave – Funding Circle

John Jenkins – Amicus

Chirag Shah - Nucleus


2:20-3pm – Session 3: Does my office meet professional standards?

Our focus on Compliance and the launch of NACFB Compliance Services has given us a unique perspective on what’s really going on in our brokers’ offices, and we know what sort of things are giving our brokers a headache. So, we have got some very useful tips to share with our audience. Questions we will cover include:

What are the commonest mistakes the NACFB sees when it visits brokers?

How can I guarantee myself immune to ransomware?

How much responsibility does the broker have for the behavior of the borrower?

Paperwork – Evidencing research and suitability


Roger Deane – NACFB Compliance Services

Simon Goldie – FLA

Ralph Black – NACFB Director

Mike Geddes – NACFB Director



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